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With the pandemic forcing teachers to educate their students from home, and students at the risk of falling behind due to their unusual learning environment, we are all in unfamiliar territory. Navigating these challenging waters while ensuring that our students get the education they need and deserve can be difficult. That’s why teachers and administrators are adopting Kraus Math TEKS Aligned and STAAR Test Prep math resources, which have now gone digital!

“Coronavirus or not, Texas students must take STAAR in 2020-2021.”

Statesman, June 30, 2020

Each item on our store is created from scratch and inspired by our own students’ needs!

With 450+ digital downloads, you are sure to find something that works for your teachers and their students during this unusual time.

    Guided notes, task cards, vocabulary, intervention, and more! Our RIGOROUS resources are both scaffolded and challenging! Student tested and teacher approved.
    Created with the “middle school kid” in mind, our middle school math resources will engage even the most reluctant learners. Class notes, practice worksheets, task cards, and more, all of our resources are scaffolded and challenging to up your middle schoolers math game!
    Many students are visual learners. Reference and practice sheets make it easy to remember formulas, rules and steps in the classroom and at home!
    Keep your students excited and engaged with coordinate plane and color by number activities (100+) that are on-par with today’s pop culture trends! Plus, holiday and seasonal themes!
    Math concepts are brought to life in full-size anchor charts for your classroom! Ranging from long division to pythagorean theorem, our anchor charts will make learning accessible for students all year long!
Why Kraus Math v3

EASY. BECAUSE OUR PRODUCTS WORK – AND THE DATA PROVES IT! Finding quality and applicable resources can be difficult, but you can rest assured that each item on our store is given the time and care that it deserves. These are resources FOR teachers, BY teachers; we understand what you actually need to ace STAAR!

Kraus Math started as a PASSION PROJECT. I accepted a position at a school that received a rating of I.R. (improvement required), and it was my job to raise test scores. I made it my mission to find a way to meet EVERY students’ specific needs, learning style, and pace, ALL during one class period. Closing the gaps took on a whole new meaning!

I created and implemented Kraus Math™ STAAR Test Prep Task Cards. That year, 5th grade math single-handedly elevated the school out of I.R. status with an 82% passing rate in the first round of STAAR, which was a 30% passing rate increase from the previous year. Since then we’ve had…

Some quick info about Kraus Math products:

  • Digital downloads and printable PDF documents.
  • All products can be purchased for individual or multi-user licensing – perfect for administrators who are providing resources for their teachers!
  • STAAR Test Prep Task Cards come with a student recording sheet that includes space for students to show their work, as well as an answer key for students to check their work.
  • Products come with recommendations for possible uses.

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