7th Grade Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards | SUPPORTING TEKS Bundle


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Grade 7 Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards: SUPPORTING TEKS BUNDLE!

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  • 500 STAAR test-prep task cards (20 task cards for each of the 7th grade SUPPORTING standards!)
    • 25 total decks!
  • Answer keys for each deck of cards
  • Student recording sheets for each deck of cards

*PLEASE NOTE: due to the large product, the decks have been split up into 3 zip files. After purchase, you will receive links to download each of the 3 zip files, containing all 25 decks of task cards! 


7.2A: Sets & Subsets of Rational Numbers 

7.3A: All Operations with Rational Numbers

7.4B: Unit Rates

7.4C: Constant of Proportionality 

7.4E: Converting Between Measurement Units

7.5A: Attributes of Similarity 

7.5B: Understanding Pi

7.6A: Sample Spaces (Probability) 

7.6C: Experimental Probability

7.6D: Theoretical Probability

7.6E: Probability of Simple Events & Its Complement

7.9D: Lateral & Total Surface Area

7.10A: Write Two-Step Equations & Inequalities

7.10B: Represents Solutions to Two-Step Equations & Inequalities On Number Lines

7.10C: Write Problems Given Two-Step Equations & Inequalities 

7.11B: Solutions to Two-Step Equations & Inequalities

7.11C: Write & Solve Equations from Geometry Concepts 

7.12B: Make Inferences from Graphs

7.12C: Compare Two Populations & Make Inferences from Graphs 

7.13A: Calculate Sales Tax & Income Tax

7.13B: Variable vs. Fixed Expenses 

7.13C: Financial Assets & Liabilities

7.13D: Minimum Household Budget

7.13E: Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest

7.13F: Sales, Rebates & Coupons 

*All 7th Grade SUPPORTING TEKS (this includes all Financial Literacy TEKS as well!)

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7th Grade Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards: SUPPORTING TEKS Bundle!
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3 reviews for 7th Grade Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards | SUPPORTING TEKS Bundle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Brenda K.

    Was anxiously waiting for this bundle! Just in time for STAAR review. Best TEKS aligned resources out there.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Brenda K. (verified owner)

    Do yourself a favor and BUY THE BUNDLE! You won’t regret it! The quality and alignment of every deck is incredible. I have been using Kraus Math resources for a few years now and my students’ STAAR scores have improved significantly. I attribute that Kraus Math.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Buyer (verified owner)

    Students seeing these questions individually, with the ability to go in any order they wish, using expos on desks and on the laminated cards (if you do this…I do), allows them to practice the process of elimination on ruling out at least a few questions and then working themselves through the other two. Thank you!

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