8th Grade Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards | SUPPORTING TEKS Bundle


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Grade 8 Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards: SUPPORTING TEKS BUNDLE!

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  • 520 STAAR test-prep task cards (20 task cards for each of the 8th grade SUPPORTING standards!)
    • 26 total decks!
  • Answer keys for each deck of cards
  • Student recording sheets for each deck of cards

*PLEASE NOTE: due to the large product, the decks have been split up into 4 zip files. After purchase, you will receive links to download each of the 4 zip files, containing all 26 decks of task cards! 


8.2A: Sets & Subsets of Real Numbers

8.2B: Approximating Irrational Numbers

8.2C: Scientific Notation

8.3A: Similar Shapes

8.3B: Dilations on a Coordinate Plane

8.4A: Understanding Slope

8.5A: Represent Linear Proportional Relationships

8.5B: Linear Non-Proportional Relationships

8.5C: Graphing Linear & Nonlinear Relationships

8.5E: Direct Variation

8.5F: Proportional vs. Non-proportional 

8.5H: Examples of Proportional & Non-Proportional Functions

8.6A: Volume of Cylinders

8.6C: Modeling the Pythagorean Theorem

8.7D: Pythagorean Theorem on a Coordinate Plane

8.8A: Write Equations & Inequalities 

8.8B: Write a Problem from an Equation or Inequality 

8.8D: Transversals & Angles Relationships in Triangles 

8.9A: Solutions of Two Linear Equations

8.10A: Properties of Orientation & Congruence of Transformations 

8.10B: Transformations that Preserve Congruency 

8.10D: Model Effects of Linear & Area Measurements of Dilated Shapes

8.11A: Scatterplots: Association

8.11B: Mean Absolute Deviation 

8.12A: Interest Rates & Loan Length

8.12C: Savings & Investments 

8.12G: Paying for College

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    BEST PURCHASE EVER! I am set with the year with this bundle and the Readiness TEKS bundle!

  2. 5 out of 5

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    I laminate these task cards for multiple uses, ability for students to use expo markers, and shuffle with their partner to share in analyzing and problem solving while leading the discussion!

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