Multi-Step Equations Scavenger Hunt Task Cards | TEKS 8.8C


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Solving Multi-Step Equations with Variables on Both Sides (TEKS 8.8C)

Scavenger Hunt & Self-Checking Task Cards!




  • 50 questions
    • Questions include solving for x when variables are on both sides of the equal sign
    • Distributive property is included
    • Some questions involve students combining like terms on one side of the equal sign before solving
    • Fractions, decimals and integers all included
    • ALL question align to 8th grade Texas TEKS Standards (8.8C)!
  • Detailed Answer Key (VERY teacher friendly! NO PREP!)
  • Scavenger Hunt Order Answer Key
  • Student Recording Sheet (question numbers are blank so students can write in question numbers as they move and solve through the scavenger hunt)


  • Cards are numbered 1 to 50
  • Each card has an answer on top
  • Below the answer is an expression
    • *Students can start on any card and will follow the same loop until they are back to where they started!

EXAMPLE: If I start on card #1 and my answer is 12, I will look at the TOP of all the other cards until I find 12. If card #8 has the answer 12 on top, I will solve question 8 next. I will continue this process until I have made it back to where I started. If a student cannot find their answer, tell them to check their work!

*This is a great way activity where students can immediately self-check! If they can’t find their answer, they know they need to check over their work! 

*Teachers are easily able to track student progress as they solve through questions! 

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