6th Grade Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards | SUPPORTING TEKS Bundle


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Grade 6 Math STAAR Test Prep Task Cards: SUPPORTING TEKS BUNDLE!

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  • 660 STAAR test-prep task cards (20 task cards for each of the 6th grade SUPPORTING standards!)
    • 33 total decks!
  • Answer keys for each deck of cards
  • Student recording sheets for each deck of cards

*PLEASE NOTE: due to the large product, the decks have been split up into 4 zip files. After purchase, you will receive links to download each of the 4 zip files, containing all 25 decks of task cards! 


6.2A: Classifying Numbers

6.2B: Absolute Values & Opposites

6.2C: Integers & Rational Numbers on Number Lines

6.2E: Fraction Division

6.3A: Reciprocals 

6.3B: Multiplying Fractions

6.3C: Modeling Integer Operations

6.4A: Additive & Multiplicative Patterns

6.4C: Ratios

6.4D: Rates

6.4E: Represent Ratios & Rates

6.4F: Benchmark Fractions & Percents

6.5A: Scale Factors | Ratios & Rates

6.5C: Fraction, Decimal & Percent Equivalency

6.6A: Independent & Dependent Quantities 

6.6B: Writing Equations from a Table

6.7B: Expressions vs. Equations

6.8A: Properties of Triangles

6.8C: Write Equations for Area & Volume

6.9A: Write One-Step Equations & Inequalities

6.9B: One-Step Equations & Inequalities on a Number Line

6.9C: Write Problems Given an Equation or Inequality 

6.10B: Values that Make One-Step Equations & Inequalities True

6.12A: Represent Numerical Data in Dot Plots, Stem & Leaf Plots & Box Plots

6.12B: Center, Spread & Shape of Data Distribution 

6.13B: Statistical Variability 

6.14A: Compare Costs of Financial Institutions 

6.14B: Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards

6.14C: Balancing a Check Register

6.14E: Credit Reports

6.14F: The Value of a Credit Report

6.14G: Paying for College

6.14H: Comparing Annual Salaries

*All 6th Grade SUPPORTING TEKS (this includes all Financial Literacy TEKS as well!)

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Brenda K. (verified owner)

    Do yourself a favor and BUY THE BUNDLE! You won’t regret it! The quality and alignment of every deck is incredible. I have been using Kraus Math resources for a few years now and my students’ STAAR scores have improved significantly. I attribute that Kraus Math.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Buyer (verified owner)

    These are a quick way to review and also have students self-pace themselves either in pairs or groups of 3-4. They can also each take turns explaining why they chose their response! Thank you!

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